Can You Claim Tree Removal On Your Taxes?

For homeowners who are looking to remove diseased or dead trees from their properties, the high cost can often be a deciding factor. However! If you have an eligible tree on your land that is causing problems for yourself and others in terms of safety issues then it may qualify as tax-deductible improvement work under federal law – which means doing so could actually save money with IRS approval.

There are many benefits to tree removal. The number one reason for tree removal is safety. If you live in a high-risk area, such as near power lines, water mains, or busy streets, your trees could be at risk of falling and causing significant damage to property or injuring someone. You can also see an increase in the value of your home if you remove those pesky trees that make it difficult to show off your house!

Tree cutting services are not cheap at all – especially if there’s a big fallen giant on-site which would need more manpower than usual as well as specialty equipment like skid steers or backhoes. You’ll have an idea what things might look like with our next tidbit: Size matters when hiring these professionals because bigger trees require heavier machinery while small ones just need some branches lopped off before being hauled away by the truck. That is why you would need a detailed quote from the service provider based on size estimates as well as any additional work that they might have to do.

Can I Deduct Tree Removal from My Taxes?

If you have the means, it may be worth getting some professional help with tree removal so that your taxes don’t get too complicated. There are many different factors to consider when looking at who will do this work and how they should report any deductions on their tax forms.

If you are a property owner, it is important to know whether or not the tree removal services that your company provides can be claimed on your taxes. The quick answer is yes! If you have had any kind of tree service performed by an independent contractor, then you may be able to claim some or all of those costs as a deduction on your taxes.

The IRS has a variety of deductions that people can claim on their taxes. However, many people are not aware that they can also deduct the cost of tree removal from those same taxes! The deduction is for any trees you remove because it makes them a safety hazard or to improve your property’s appearance.

Tree Cutting for a Reason



If you’re looking to deduct the cost of a tree from your taxes, there must be an apparent and potential damaging condition. This means if it is diseased or damaged property such as on roofs due to hail storms for example can’t claim this expense because they might not know what caused its death but still remove them anyways which turns out not to be deductible at all!

Claiming Your Tree Removal

The tax code is a complicated set of rules, but it doesn’t have to be. You can get the most out of your deductions by speaking with someone who knows how all these things work since you can only claim the expense in the year when it was incurred.

At Sys Enterprises, we understand that removing trees and bushes is a physically demanding task. Our tree care professionals handle jobs of all sizes on any given day to ensure your property stays safe from damage at the risk of throwing ourselves into harm’s way!

Sys Enterprises Tree Service is a leading tree trimming and removal service in Southern Indiana. We’ve been around for over 27 years, so we know what it takes to get the job done right!

If you live or work near trees on your property that are too tall (or even just ones who need some maintenance), don’t hesitate – contact us today!

Sys Enterprises Tree Service are not tax professionals! We are tree cutting professionals! For tax advise, you should always consult with your own independent tax consultant regarding the current tax laws and tax deductions.

When to Get a Tree Removed Indiana

When to Get a Tree Removed

The trees are amazing and beautiful. They provide shade, create a habitat for wildlife, and add to the aesthetic of any neighborhood. However, sometimes trees can become dangerous due to disease or old age. Sometimes they may just be in the way of something you want to do with your property like adding on an addition or installing a pool. In these cases, it is important to know when it is time for them to go.

When Should You Remove A Tree?

When you consider getting a tree removed, there are many considerations to take into account. When thinking about whether you need to remove a tree from your property, first check if it is a hazard. Understand how to safely cut down the tree and estimate what costs will be associated with this process.

The best way to decide when it is time for a tree to be removed is by evaluating the situation. Tree branches atop buildings and power lines drooping under the weight of leaves are a serious safety hazard. One of the warning signs that a tree needs to be removed is if it has grown so large that its roots are pushing up concrete, causing hazards and damage to buildings. If the tree is heavily damaged with at least half of it gone, it should be removed.

Sometimes a tree will start to decline before you know it, and when that happens, you should contact a professional to remove the tree as soon as possible. Call Sys Enterprises.

To Get a Tree Removed Indiana

How Much To Have A Tree Removed?

Before you make the decision to remove a tree, discuss your intentions with a certified arborist. The cost of tree removal can vary depending on various factors. These include:

-The size and species of the tree

-Where the work needs to be done (field, roof, roadside)

-How difficult the job is or how much additional material is required

-Tree stump removal

The average cost of removing a tree is between $500 to $1000. Tree removal services typically include cutting it into smaller pieces, chopping the tree, and then hauling it off your property. The cost of tree removal in your area will differ depending on the factors involved. Tree removal companies are still welcome to discuss potential land clearing prices with you so that you have a better understanding of what may be best for your situation. Depending on your needs, you may also have to pay for extra services.

Once you learn how much it will cost (including the tree removal and any landscaping work), you’ll be happy to have this finished. If you have a rotting tree in your yard that is not safe, the time has come to say goodbye. If you are a homeowner in the Southern Indiana area and have an unwanted tree on your property, it is best to contact an experienced tree cutting service for free estimates.

If you would like to get a tree removed from your yard, look for local providers right away. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to let us know.

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How to get rid of tree stumps

How To Get Rid Of Tree Stumps

How To Get Rid Of Tree Stumps

Tree stumps can be a nuisance. Whether they are in your yard or somewhere else, you want to get rid of them as soon as possible. There is no need for tree stumps to take up space and cause problems. In this blog post, we will discuss how to remove tree stumps from your property without damaging the ground around it!

4 Different Ways To Remove Tree Stumps From Your Yard

Tree root systems often present a significant obstacle for homeowners wanting to remove tree stumps. If you have a backyard tree that’s in the way, and all utilization of it has been exhausted, that pesky stump needs to be disposed of. There are 4 different ways to remove tree stumps and they are:

1. Remove tree stumps with organic material

This process helps in speeding up the stump’s natural rotting process. Organic means using methods that are chemical-free, or without doing any harm to the environment. Organic stump removal should be your go-to method when trying to get rid of a dead tree stump in your yard. How can you do it? First and foremost, you need to establish a moist environment rich in nitrogen. If there’s a large stump in your yard you want to remove, it’s important to cut off as close to the ground as possible. This means only a small amount of the stump has to rot, speeding up the decomposition process. Once you’re done applying the natural material, use a drill to make holes in your stump.

The material consists of a combination of fertilizer and water. If you catch the stump early, wrapping wet newspaper around it as insulation will help. Once you’ve applied the mixture, cover it tightly with a plastic tarp and weigh it down with rocks. In order to get rid of tree stumps, they must be in a closed environment. The process for removing tree stumps typically takes from one to two years. Once the stump has softened, it can be removed by hand with a mattock or shovel.

2. Chemical Stump Remover

Removing tree stumps from your lawn can cost money and patience. Herbicides are not always effective, especially if you’ve only got one stump leftover in your yard. If you don’t have a year to wait for the stump to rot, chemical removers can be bought at the market. This method will break down the stump much quicker and the application is similar to the organic approach. Try to drill some holes so that the chemical can seep into the base of the stump. Once it has been completely consumed by the tree, use a sealant of your choice to cover any exposed areas on top. When you start to burn the stump, it’s not instantaneous, but it’s a lot faster than waiting for it to rot on its own.

Tree Stump Removal Services in Indiana

One active ingredient found in chemical stump removers is potassium nitrate. This chemical will speed up the rotting process. Be careful though because it can harm both animals and children. Make sure to take caution when eliminating trees if any nearby animals could be harmed. Additionally, you need to remember that it is highly toxic, and if you plan on planting in that site, it might not produce because the chemicals may kill new plants.

3. Burn It

Removal of tree stumps can be achieved by burning the stumps or chopping them down. People who want to get rid of tree stumps should make sure the stump is cut as low as possible with holes located on top. One way to get rid of tree stumps is to apply kerosene instead of an organic or chemical agent. In order to ensure that the stump will burn from the inside out, it’s important to get a good fire going. Getting rid of tree stumps is not an easy task. One way to do it, however, is to put some charcoal on the ground and place some scrap wood on top of the stump (enough so that it cannot fall over).

Burning the stump and closely monitoring for 2 days is an effective way to remove a tree stump. One way to speed up the stump burning process is by putting hot coals on top of it while drilling new holes. You can do this in order to ensure that the roots and base burn, too. When it’s done, you’ll have a hole filled with ashes that you can do away with when the process is complete.

4. Hire Professional Tree Removers

If you are not inclined to take steps on your own, it is often necessary to call a professional tree removal company. Experts will grind the stump to remove it from the ground in around 2 hours. For those who need to remove a stump quickly, this is an ideal solution. Tree removers may also need to utilize a backhoe in order to ensure that all traces of the stump are destroyed.

The removal of tree stumps from your yard can open up new opportunities to construct and renovate your home.

If you need a tree stump removed quickly and easily, it’s best to contact professional tree removers. Call Sys Enterprises today for a professional tree stump removal service.

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The Best Time To Plant Trees

The Best Time To Plant Trees

Fall Is A Fantastic Time For Planting Trees and Shrubs

Many believe that the fall is the end of the gardening and growing season. This is simply not the case. In actuality, it’s the opposite. Fall happens to be one of the most optimal times to consider planting new shrubs, trees, and various other plants. One of the most important things is the housing on healthy root growth. By planting both trees and shrubs during the Fall months, it helps root systems grow out before the hotter temperatures returning.

Because of this, a lot of smaller plants will be fully established before winter comes. Also, they will get an improved start over the shrubs that are planted in the Spring. Any larger plants are also going to benefit from a head start. A good general rule of thumb to stick by is one year per one inch of trunk diameter.

The Autumnal equinox occurs in late September which is when Fall officially begins. This is one of the most opportune times to start planting shrubs and trees. Doing so around 6 weeks before seeing hard frost is ideal. Typically, months from September to November are most optimal for planting because these months give sufficient time for the roots to get fully established before the ground freezing over. You want the roots to get set in before the ground reaching freezing temperatures. That being said, it’s also typically recommended that you don’t plant trees too far into the Fall months because it could negatively impact the health of the plants.

Fall Is A Fantastic Time For Planting Trees And Shrubs

Ideally, you want to stick with wet and cool weather for planting new trees. Because the Fall usually leads to both colder temps and more moisture, it’s a good time to consider doing it. During this time, trees require less watering. With the tree shoot growth halting, it requires less water due to the shorter and cooler days provided by this time. Also, the stable temperatures found during this period make for increased root development. Trees typically grow to establish roots in the right locations before the warmer temps coming to stimulate even more rapid growth potential.

There are a lot of benefits to planting both shrubs and trees during the Fal. Typically, trees planted in the Fall are much better suited to dealing with both the drought and heat it will experience in the next season. Another big reason you might want to consider planting your trees and shrubs in the Fall has to do with being able to pick the right ones based on the color they will come out to be. You’ll want to stay away from planting broad-leaved evergreens in these months. If you do plant these types, you’ll want to provide them with adequate protection from everything from the cold winds during the winter and the colder temps. You will also want to have them treated with anti-desiccant. Some of the most recommended trees you should be looking to plant in the Fall include; maple, horse chestnut, buckeye, pine, elm, among others.

If you are looking to get professional consultation, we’ve got you covered. Call us right now and our certified arborists can offer you the professional consultation and services you need.

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Tips and Tricks On Pruning Apple Trees

Tips and Tricks on Pruning Apple Trees

Expert Pruning Tips And Tricks For Your Apple Trees

Spring might be several months away, but it is wise to consider prepping for what you must do for fruit trees in advance to help them be ready. We will share some tips and tricks for pruning your apple trees, which will ensure it produces healthy fruits.

Mitigating upright growth is one of the early spring tree-pruning practices worth doing for your apple trees. While it might sound peculiar and defeating, encourage horizontal instead of vertical growth stimulates better fruiting.

Here are some extra tips:

• When pruning the trees, they should be narrower at the top and broader at the bottom. It makes room for better light distribution.

• Avoid chopping the branches away; instead, try to simplify their look so that you have less to do to ensure your apple trees exude character.

• It is best to leave a bit of a stump when making the cuts. It allows the weaker growing shoots to pop out with relative ease; thus, they will shoot fruit faster (within a season or two).

• You must remove the taller and established limbs on the top of the trees while also get rid of the older and upright branches. They have had their run and are unlikely to fruit as expected. Moreover, by doing this, you will mitigate the chances of a tree being crowded. It also will make room for more light distribution, allowing it to peer through the spaces and reach between the branches.

• Take note of the branches that impede your reach, cutting them down to create sufficient access to the fruiting branches without breaking others accidentally. It is a process we refer to as “window opening”. It is meant to leave some room for you to reach the fruits when it’s harvest time. Therefore, window opening is essential when pruning your apple trees to give them character, maximize light penetration, and encourage better fruiting.

Tree Service Specialist Louisville, KY

SYS Enterprises have different ways or styles of pruning trees. While their approaches might differ, they all adhere to the basic principles of allowing more air and light into the tree. As such, you should expect the job to be done professionally.

While we share some apple tree pruning tips and tricks, we know that not everyone will be confident about doing this on their own. If you believe your appl trees are better off getting the care they need from the specialists, we are a call away. Get in touch with us at [phone] and find out more about how we can help.

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Looking for a Professional to Trim Your Trees

Looking for a Professional to Trim Your Trees

Need a Professional to Trim Your Trees?

What Should You Look for in a Tree Cutting Company?

Looking for a Professional to Trim Your Trees

The trees in your yard not only provide fresh air but also enhance the curb appeal of your property. Unfortunately, they can be safety hazards when it rains. Tree branches may fall off during a rainstorm and damage your roof along with other parts of your property.

If you have old trees in your yard, they need to be trimmed so that they don’t cause any damage to your property or any harm to your family. It is thus important to ensure that your trees are always in tip-top shape.

Practice the habit of regularly trimming your trees throughout the year. If you are unable to trim the trees, hire professionals to do it. When it comes to hiring a tree cutting company, here are some of the things to consider:

Looking for a Professional to Trim Your Trees


Cutting trees is far from the easiest job. You need the proper equipment to cut down any old or dying trees. You also need to have the proper skills to handle the equipment used for this. Professional tree trimmers have the right tree cutting skills and equipment.

Tree Cutting Company Indiana

Professional tree cutters are capable of expertly maneuvering any tree cutting equipment without fail. In contrast, an inexperienced individual would simply end up getting injured while cutting trees. That’s why it is important to ensure that the professionals you hire are skilled and experienced.


Tree cutting is a dangerous activity and there’s always a high risk of injury while doing it. So, when you hire a tree cutting/trimming company, you need to hire the one that’s fully insured and licensed.

If the company has proper insurance, you won’t be held liable when any of their staff is injured or your property is damaged. It will be up to the company to pay for such costs, which means that you won’t need to pay anything besides the service fees.

Don’t allow the trees in your hard turn into safety hazards. Hire professionals to trim them today. Ge in touch with us today to enquire about our tree cutting services. We serve homeowners in Louisville, KY along with the surrounding areas.

For more information on how can help you with Professional to Trim Your Trees, please contact us at (502) 724-6950, or visit us here:

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Proper Tree Cutting Procedures

Proper Tree Cutting Procedures

How To Cut Trees Properly

Proper Tree Cutting Procedures

If you have a tree that is overgrown, diseased, dead or simply located in an inconvenient place, you might have to cut it down yourself. Doing so can be a great money-saving tactic, but attempting such a task is not without its risk. In order to make certain that you stay safe, you must engage in planning and preparation ahead of time. Prior to doing anything, review any applicable laws and ordinances in your area, as formal permits may be needed in order to cut.

Safety Measures

There can be no doubt that tree cutting is often dangerous and that key safety measures must be taken. If you are not physically fit, or you are suffering from some sort of impairment or infirmity, do not attempt a cut. Never try to use a chainsaw unless you have been specifically trained to do so. Have the right gear for tree cutting, including a hard hat, long pants, and long sleeves, sturdy work boots, eye protection, and gloves to prevent serious harm.

Required Tools

Cutting trees properly means having your tools in top condition before you start. Collect everything you intend to use in advance and do any necessary maintenance tasks. For trees that measure under 10 inches in diameter, use smaller chainsaws. Medium saws are great for trees measuring up to 18 inches in diameter. If need be, oil and sharpen the blade, and if your saw is gas-powered, make sure it has sufficient fuel. Have no fewer than two felling wedges nearby, and have a sledgehammer or a strong mallet ready to drive these into your cuts. An ax is also important to have close at hand.

Inspection Of The Tree

Before making any cuts, conduct a thorough inspection of the tree. Take note of any rotten wood, loose branches, and check to see if the tree is tilting in either direction. Should you notice that the tree is rotting, growing at a specific angle, or is threatening power lines or structures, get in touch with a professional who can handle the job for you. If you plan to continue on your own, determine which is the best direction for the tree to come down once you make your cuts.

Tree Cutting Procedures

Preparing The Site

Always take care to get the cutting site ready before you begin. Ensure that pets and children are nowhere near the area of the tree. Tell all others to move away from the site as well. Choose two different paths through which you can escape the fall of the tree itself. Select one on either side, branching out at a 45-degree angle. Move anything that may obstruct your escape routes, and keep any tools at least 20 from the base of the tree and away from each escape route.

Techniques For Cutting

The three-cut method is a great way to cut trees safely and effectively. Do your initial cut, often called the undercut, on the area facing the intended direction of the fall. Make a horizontal incision into the tree, roughly a third of the distance through its trunk. Put your second cut approximately two or three inches under the initial cut. Take the cut upward to meet up with the first incision, and pull out the wedge of the tree that results. Continue with your third, or back cut, on the opposite side of the trunk. Move horizontally through the tree, roughly two inches higher than the first cut. Take the saw no more than 50% through the wood. Then take the saw away from the cut, power it off, and set it on the ground as the tree begins its fall. Escape the tumbling wood by using one of your pre-established escape routes.

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How Tree Services Reduce Allergens in Your Yard

How Tree Services Reduce Allergens in Your Yard

How Tree Services Help You Reduce Allergens in Your Yard Or Garden

How Tree Services Reduce Allergens in Your Yard

Most people hire professional tree services for landscaping purposes, out of their desire to make their property more appealing. Tree services can help you get rid of stumps or trees by removing them in a safe and effective manner.

There’s also s hidden benefit to hiring a professional tree service, which is the reduction of allergens around your house. Such allergens include but aren’t limited to tree pollen, insects and rats. Thanks to tree services, you can reduce the flare-ups of your seasonal allergies and enjoy an almost normal life on your property. Here are the tree ways allergy sufferers can benefit from using a tree service.

Professional Tree Services Can Remove Trees Rich In Pollen

Millions of people suffer from hay fever. Unfortunately, trees rich in heavy pollen are the ones that contribute to worsening this condition. They make all these people suffer from nasty symptoms during sprung and fall, when pollen starts to become airborne and enters their airways.

Stump Removal Reduces The Number Of Insects

Old stumps inevitably rot at some point in time. Once they are rotten, they become home to countless insects such as ants, termites, beetles, and other wood-boring bugs. These insects can trigger allergy symptoms because of the allergenic proteins they spread around. Apparently, shellfish and termites share the same allergenic proteins, so they can trigger similar reactions in allergy sufferers.

Getting rid of old stumps is a difficult endeavor. This isn’t your average DIY job, so don’t try to do it yourself. A tree service would use professional tools such as stump grinders to break down the wood and to destroy the stump. You can either allow them to rake up that pulp and recycle it or you can use it yourself to prepare compost fertilizer or mulch for your yard. Whatever your choice, make sure you have your stumps removed by experts. This is the best way to ensure they will not grow back the next spring. The incomplete removal of an old stump may also cause injuries to people walking over it without paying attention. Tripping over a dead stump is something that may lead to serious problems. This is the last thing you’ll ever want to worry about.

How Tree Services Reduce Allergens in Your Yard

The Pruning Of Tree Branches Helps Keep Pests Away

If you have lots of tree branches that are heavy with fruit, you probably have to put up with various insects such as wasps that get attracted to fruit hanging from these branches. These stinging insects can trigger allergy symptoms such as irritations, hives, swallowing, intestinal troubles, and even anaphylaxis in some individuals. By hiring a tree service to prune your trees and cut back on some of these branches, you prevent your yard from becoming home to so many stinging insects.

Trees with very large branches are also dangerous, as they can become real roadways for all sorts of pests. Rodents can easily use these branches to find their way to your attic. Their excrement and their saliva are extremely dangerous for allergy sufferers. They can trigger skin rashes, itchy eyes, and many other unpleasant symptoms. Besides, rodents can spread infectious diseases, so you should always do everything it takes to keep them off your property.

A professional tree service can cut back these huge tree branches without endangering the integrity of your family members. They have the tools and the skills to perform this task in absolute safety and much faster than you’d ever manage to. In addition, a skilled tree expert will know how to prune the smaller branches to help your trees grow in a controlled manner. Also, such services can deal with dead leaves in order to prevent insects and other pests from nesting among them.

If you want to keep your property allergen-free, consider contacting Sys Enterprises today for a quote. We are tree removal specialists you can rely on. Call us now to schedule an appointment with one of our tree experts.

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Tips How To Keep Your Trees Healthy

How To Keep Your Trees In Good Health

Tips On How To Keep Your Trees In Good Health

How To Keep Your Trees In Good Health

Trees can make a stunningly beautiful landscape and curb the appeal of your home. Nevertheless, planting trees and keeping them healthy requires effort, skills, and knowledge.

If you are a gardening lover, you’ll want to read the following tips and apply them in your work to keep your trees healthy.

Carefully Choose Where To Plant

Always ensure you plant your tree in a suitable place where it can thrive and spread its roots. This is easier to do by marking off areas around trees during the building phase of your project.

Another thing you can do is to protect your tree against the ‘transplant shock’ by planting it in an open space. This will allow the tree to spread its roots as much as needed to maintain its vitality and to grow at a normal pace.

Inspect Your Trees Regularly

A tree inspection twice a year will allow you to detect and address any bug infestation that may occur. Also, you’ll have the opportunity to remove all dead branches, in order for your trees to thrive.

If you care about your trees, try to learn as much as you can about tree diseases and pests that might threaten their health and well-being.

Pruning is one of the best things you can do to keep your tree beautiful and healthy. Always tackle major pruning during wintertime, when the tree is dormant. During the leafy periods, do only small pruning.

Fertilize Your Trees

Many people believe that trees can damage themselves when they don’t get enough nutrients from the soil. This is only true in forests, where dead and decayed plants provide nutrients for trees.

How To Keep Your Trees in Good Health

The best way to ensure your trees get all the nutrients they need is to use organic fertilizers. Always choose eco-friendly and fully biodegradable fertilizers to enrich the soil and provide your trees with all the vital substances they need to thrive.

Mulching Helps

Mulching can help your trees grow and stay healthy. Before covering the soil under your tree with mulch, make sure you remove the grass and the weeds. Also, use a natural mulch to act as a soil protective layer. Wood chips are among the best choices of mulch.

How And When To Water Your Trees

Knowing how much water your trees need is very hard to predict. To start with, learn the difference between moist and soggy soil. This should help you understand when the soil reaches the proper humidity level to promote the healthy growth of the tree.

Water your newly planted trees right away, just after you finish the planting. About half minutes of watering should be enough.

During summer, your young trees will have to fight with the heat and very low humidity. This is when you should make sure the soil under your trees is always moist. Natural mulch will help you achieve this goal. 

Even fully mature trees may suffer if the soil isn’t moist enough. To check the soil, dig a small hole in the ground, and touch it with your fingers. If you feel moisture, there’s no need to water your tree.


Trees are nothing but investments that help you make your home more appealing, and maybe provide you with fruits. If you want to protect your investment, you need to learn how to properly care for your tress. These tips could be a great place to start. By understanding and applying the proper planting, pruning, and care techniques, you’ll enjoy a beautiful landscape all year round for many years to come.

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Tips To Keep Your Trees Healthy

Things To Do And Avoid When Pruning Trees

Things To Do And Avoid When Pruning Trees

Things To Do And Avoid When Pruning Trees

What To Do and What To Avoid When It Comes To Tree Pruning

What To Do:

A tree pruning standard was created by the American National Standards Institute.
This standard is known as ANSI A300, and you should ask tree care companies or arborists if they abide by this standard when pruning.
The terms used in arborist estimates are defined by the standard, and pruning and cutting methods, along with tool choice, are recommended by the standard in some instances.
The ANSI A300 standards should be used when tree pruning work estimates are created.
Prune properly, as a lifetime of damage can be done to a tree by poor pruning techniques.
Storms can affect trees, and after one has passed, you should determine if your trees need pruning by examining them.

Tree Pruning Services Charlestown Indiana

What To Avoid:

Pruning just for the sake of it.
Taking away more than 1/4 of the foliage while a growing season is happening.
Pruning in the first year of a tree that has just been planted. Broken or dead branches may be removed as an exception.
Working near utility conductors when pruning. If the pruning must be done in 10 feet or less from a conductor, it’s best to let a professional do it.
Using a chainsaw and ladder for pruning. If these are required, then you should ask a professional for help.
Creating branch cuts that either leave stubs behind or take the branch collar away.
Using climbing spikes to get up a tree.
Applying wound paint to trees.
Lion-tailing, or removing inner branches and foliage.

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