Things To Do And Avoid When Pruning Trees

Things To Do And Avoid When Pruning Trees

Things To Do And Avoid When Pruning Trees

What To Do and What To Avoid When It Comes To Tree Pruning

What To Do:

A tree pruning standard was created by the American National Standards Institute.
This standard is known as ANSI A300, and you should ask tree care companies or arborists if they abide by this standard when pruning.
The terms used in arborist estimates are defined by the standard, and pruning and cutting methods, along with tool choice, are recommended by the standard in some instances.
The ANSI A300 standards should be used when tree pruning work estimates are created.
Prune properly, as a lifetime of damage can be done to a tree by poor pruning techniques.
Storms can affect trees, and after one has passed, you should determine if your trees need pruning by examining them.

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What To Avoid:

Pruning just for the sake of it.
Taking away more than 1/4 of the foliage while a growing season is happening.
Pruning in the first year of a tree that has just been planted. Broken or dead branches may be removed as an exception.
Working near utility conductors when pruning. If the pruning must be done in 10 feet or less from a conductor, it’s best to let a professional do it.
Using a chainsaw and ladder for pruning. If these are required, then you should ask a professional for help.
Creating branch cuts that either leave stubs behind or take the branch collar away.
Using climbing spikes to get up a tree.
Applying wound paint to trees.
Lion-tailing, or removing inner branches and foliage.

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