The Best Time To Plant Trees

The Best Time To Plant Trees

Fall Is A Fantastic Time For Planting Trees and Shrubs

Many believe that the fall is the end of the gardening and growing season. This is simply not the case. In actuality, it’s the opposite. Fall happens to be one of the most optimal times to consider planting new shrubs, trees, and various other plants. One of the most important things is the housing on healthy root growth. By planting both trees and shrubs during the Fall months, it helps root systems grow out before the hotter temperatures returning.

Because of this, a lot of smaller plants will be fully established before winter comes. Also, they will get an improved start over the shrubs that are planted in the Spring. Any larger plants are also going to benefit from a head start. A good general rule of thumb to stick by is one year per one inch of trunk diameter.

The Autumnal equinox occurs in late September which is when Fall officially begins. This is one of the most opportune times to start planting shrubs and trees. Doing so around 6 weeks before seeing hard frost is ideal. Typically, months from September to November are most optimal for planting because these months give sufficient time for the roots to get fully established before the ground freezing over. You want the roots to get set in before the ground reaching freezing temperatures. That being said, it’s also typically recommended that you don’t plant trees too far into the Fall months because it could negatively impact the health of the plants.

Fall Is A Fantastic Time For Planting Trees And Shrubs

Ideally, you want to stick with wet and cool weather for planting new trees. Because the Fall usually leads to both colder temps and more moisture, it’s a good time to consider doing it. During this time, trees require less watering. With the tree shoot growth halting, it requires less water due to the shorter and cooler days provided by this time. Also, the stable temperatures found during this period make for increased root development. Trees typically grow to establish roots in the right locations before the warmer temps coming to stimulate even more rapid growth potential.

There are a lot of benefits to planting both shrubs and trees during the Fal. Typically, trees planted in the Fall are much better suited to dealing with both the drought and heat it will experience in the next season. Another big reason you might want to consider planting your trees and shrubs in the Fall has to do with being able to pick the right ones based on the color they will come out to be. You’ll want to stay away from planting broad-leaved evergreens in these months. If you do plant these types, you’ll want to provide them with adequate protection from everything from the cold winds during the winter and the colder temps. You will also want to have them treated with anti-desiccant. Some of the most recommended trees you should be looking to plant in the Fall include; maple, horse chestnut, buckeye, pine, elm, among others.

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