How Tree Services Reduce Allergens in Your Yard

How Tree Services Reduce Allergens in Your Yard

How Tree Services Help You Reduce Allergens in Your Yard Or Garden

How Tree Services Reduce Allergens in Your Yard

Most people hire professional tree services for landscaping purposes, out of their desire to make their property more appealing. Tree services can help you get rid of stumps or trees by removing them in a safe and effective manner.

There’s also s hidden benefit to hiring a professional tree service, which is the reduction of allergens around your house. Such allergens include but aren’t limited to tree pollen, insects and rats. Thanks to tree services, you can reduce the flare-ups of your seasonal allergies and enjoy an almost normal life on your property. Here are the tree ways allergy sufferers can benefit from using a tree service.

Professional Tree Services Can Remove Trees Rich In Pollen

Millions of people suffer from hay fever. Unfortunately, trees rich in heavy pollen are the ones that contribute to worsening this condition. They make all these people suffer from nasty symptoms during sprung and fall, when pollen starts to become airborne and enters their airways.

Stump Removal Reduces The Number Of Insects

Old stumps inevitably rot at some point in time. Once they are rotten, they become home to countless insects such as ants, termites, beetles, and other wood-boring bugs. These insects can trigger allergy symptoms because of the allergenic proteins they spread around. Apparently, shellfish and termites share the same allergenic proteins, so they can trigger similar reactions in allergy sufferers.

Getting rid of old stumps is a difficult endeavor. This isn’t your average DIY job, so don’t try to do it yourself. A tree service would use professional tools such as stump grinders to break down the wood and to destroy the stump. You can either allow them to rake up that pulp and recycle it or you can use it yourself to prepare compost fertilizer or mulch for your yard. Whatever your choice, make sure you have your stumps removed by experts. This is the best way to ensure they will not grow back the next spring. The incomplete removal of an old stump may also cause injuries to people walking over it without paying attention. Tripping over a dead stump is something that may lead to serious problems. This is the last thing you’ll ever want to worry about.

How Tree Services Reduce Allergens in Your Yard

The Pruning Of Tree Branches Helps Keep Pests Away

If you have lots of tree branches that are heavy with fruit, you probably have to put up with various insects such as wasps that get attracted to fruit hanging from these branches. These stinging insects can trigger allergy symptoms such as irritations, hives, swallowing, intestinal troubles, and even anaphylaxis in some individuals. By hiring a tree service to prune your trees and cut back on some of these branches, you prevent your yard from becoming home to so many stinging insects.

Trees with very large branches are also dangerous, as they can become real roadways for all sorts of pests. Rodents can easily use these branches to find their way to your attic. Their excrement and their saliva are extremely dangerous for allergy sufferers. They can trigger skin rashes, itchy eyes, and many other unpleasant symptoms. Besides, rodents can spread infectious diseases, so you should always do everything it takes to keep them off your property.

A professional tree service can cut back these huge tree branches without endangering the integrity of your family members. They have the tools and the skills to perform this task in absolute safety and much faster than you’d ever manage to. In addition, a skilled tree expert will know how to prune the smaller branches to help your trees grow in a controlled manner. Also, such services can deal with dead leaves in order to prevent insects and other pests from nesting among them.

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