Tips How To Keep Your Trees Healthy

How To Keep Your Trees In Good Health

Tips On How To Keep Your Trees In Good Health

How To Keep Your Trees In Good Health

Trees can make a stunningly beautiful landscape and curb the appeal of your home. Nevertheless, planting trees and keeping them healthy requires effort, skills, and knowledge.

If you are a gardening lover, you’ll want to read the following tips and apply them in your work to keep your trees healthy.

Carefully Choose Where To Plant

Always ensure you plant your tree in a suitable place where it can thrive and spread its roots. This is easier to do by marking off areas around trees during the building phase of your project.

Another thing you can do is to protect your tree against the ‘transplant shock’ by planting it in an open space. This will allow the tree to spread its roots as much as needed to maintain its vitality and to grow at a normal pace.

Inspect Your Trees Regularly

A tree inspection twice a year will allow you to detect and address any bug infestation that may occur. Also, you’ll have the opportunity to remove all dead branches, in order for your trees to thrive.

If you care about your trees, try to learn as much as you can about tree diseases and pests that might threaten their health and well-being.

Pruning is one of the best things you can do to keep your tree beautiful and healthy. Always tackle major pruning during wintertime, when the tree is dormant. During the leafy periods, do only small pruning.

Fertilize Your Trees

Many people believe that trees can damage themselves when they don’t get enough nutrients from the soil. This is only true in forests, where dead and decayed plants provide nutrients for trees.

How To Keep Your Trees in Good Health

The best way to ensure your trees get all the nutrients they need is to use organic fertilizers. Always choose eco-friendly and fully biodegradable fertilizers to enrich the soil and provide your trees with all the vital substances they need to thrive.

Mulching Helps

Mulching can help your trees grow and stay healthy. Before covering the soil under your tree with mulch, make sure you remove the grass and the weeds. Also, use a natural mulch to act as a soil protective layer. Wood chips are among the best choices of mulch.

How And When To Water Your Trees

Knowing how much water your trees need is very hard to predict. To start with, learn the difference between moist and soggy soil. This should help you understand when the soil reaches the proper humidity level to promote the healthy growth of the tree.

Water your newly planted trees right away, just after you finish the planting. About half minutes of watering should be enough.

During summer, your young trees will have to fight with the heat and very low humidity. This is when you should make sure the soil under your trees is always moist. Natural mulch will help you achieve this goal. 

Even fully mature trees may suffer if the soil isn’t moist enough. To check the soil, dig a small hole in the ground, and touch it with your fingers. If you feel moisture, there’s no need to water your tree.


Trees are nothing but investments that help you make your home more appealing, and maybe provide you with fruits. If you want to protect your investment, you need to learn how to properly care for your tress. These tips could be a great place to start. By understanding and applying the proper planting, pruning, and care techniques, you’ll enjoy a beautiful landscape all year round for many years to come.

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Tips To Keep Your Trees Healthy